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Test Code TIBCLL Iron and Total Iron Binding Capacity (I+TIBC) LAB829

Important Note

Ingestion of oral contraceptives will elevate iron or total iron-binding values.

Some gadolinium magnetic resonance contrast agents such as Omniscan, Optimark and Magnevist may interfere with this assay.

Iron dextran administration can cause elevations in total serum iron with this methodology.

Use of this assay is not recommended for patients undergoing treatment with deferoxamine (e.g., Desferal) or other iron-chelating compounds.

Ingestion of iron (including iron-fortified vitamins or supplements) may cause transient elevated iron levels.

Test Method

Iron: Timed Endpoint Ferozine Iron; Beckman Coulter
TIBC:  Calculated using Transferrin result
% Saturation: Calculated


Testing is performed Monday through Sunday

Useful For

Screening for chronic iron overload diseases, particularly
hereditary hemochromatosis

Serum iron, total iron-binding capacity, and percent saturation
are widely used for the diagnosis of iron deficiency. However,
serum ferritin is a much more sensitive and reliable test for
demonstration of iron deficiency.

Diagnosis of malnutrition, acute inflammation, infection,
assessment of renal function and red blood cell disorders, such as
iron deficiency anemia.

Specimen Requirement

500 mcL serum or plasma is required.

CPT Code Information

83540: Chemistry: Iron

84466: Chemistry: Transferrin

Reference Values


  • Male: 45-182 mcg/dL
  • Female: 28-170 mcg/dL

TIBC: 261-478 mcg/dL
% Saturation: 14-50%

LOINC Code Information

13452-8 Iron/Transferrin SerPl

Additional Specimen Collection Information

Collect blood in a lithium heparin, green-top or red-top tube.
Serum or plasma gel tubes are acceptable. Serum or plasma should be
separated from contact with the cells within 2 hours of collection.
Specimens not centrifuged within 4 hours of collection may be
rejected. Refrigerate the specimen if unable to assay within 8
hours of collection. Hemolyzed specimens are not acceptable.
Samples with >3+ lipemia must be cleared prior to analysis.