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Test Code SCBFUN Fungus Culture, Blood LAB242

Test Method

Screen for Positive: BD Bactec FX

Specimen Requirement


If only a Fungus only blood culture is ordered, using a winged blood
collection device, collect (3 to 10ml) of blood into a BD Bactec
Plus Aerobic/F bottle.   Refer to Blood Culture
for specific collection instructions.

If a Fungus Culture
is ordered in addition to a routine culture, collect a BD Bactec
Plus Aerobic/F bottle for the Fungus culture and a BD Bactec Plus
Aerobic/F and BD Bactec Plus Anaerobic/F bottles for the routine
Blood Culture. 

A separate order
for a Fungus Blood Culture is requested in LIS.

Note:  If
Histoplasmosis is suspected, a heparin tube is also drawn. 
The whole blood is directly inoculated onto fungal plate media.

Reference Values

Negative for Fungus in 4 weeks.


Blood Culture: 

  • Final Negative: After 5 days with no growth.
  • Preliminary Positive: When growth is detected.


  • Final Negative: After 4 weeks with no growth
  • Preliminary reports are called on positive cultures as soon as
    the fungus is isolated.
    Cultures positive for Histoplasma capsulatum, Coccidioides immitis,
    Cryptococcus neoformans, Blastomyces dermatitidis, Sporothrix
    schenckii are called to the nurse’s station or physician office and

Useful For

Diagnosis and treatment of the etiologic agents of fungemia

Select patient population that presents with signs and symptoms
of sepsis, especially fever of unknown origin

CPT Code Information

87103 Identification of Microorganisms; Culture, fungi (mold or
yeast) isolation with presumptive identification of isloates;


601-5 Fungus Identified In Blood By Culture