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Test Code CAION Calcium, Ionized LAB54

Important Note

Samples collected for ionized calcium must be run within 30 minutes of collection. Please have the patient present at the lab to be drawn to ensure timely sample processing. 

Test Method

Ion-Selective Electrode Potentiometry; ABL90 Flex Plus 


Testing is performed Monday through Sunday.

Typically completed within 30 minutes after the specimen
arrives at the testing site.

Useful For

Assessing calcium states during liver transplantation surgery,
cardiopulmonary bypass, or any procedure requiring rapid
transfusion of whole blood in neonates and in critically ill

Specimen Requirement

Venous lithium heparin whole blood is required.

Tubes should be filled to capacity for ionized calcium. 

Microtainers filled to capacity are acceptable.

CPT Code Information

82330 Chemistry: Calcium, ionized

Reference Values

1.12-1.32 mmol/L

Critical Value:
Critical Low: < 0.80 mmol/L
Critical High: > 1.60 mmol/L

Venous stasis (prolonged tourniquet application) and forearm
exercise may increase ionized calcium due to a decrease in pH
caused by localized production of lactic acid. Exposing the sample
to air will cause an increase in pH due to the loss of
CO2, which will decrease ionized calcium.

LOINC Code Information

17864-0 Calcium.Ionized [Mass/Volume] In Serum Or Plasma By
Ion-Selective Membrane Electrode (ISE)