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Test Code BHB Ketone, Beta-Hydroxybutyrate, Blood (Beta-OHB) LAB2551

Test Method

Electrode Potentiometry, Freestly Precision Pro; Abbott

Specimen Requirement

Whole blood is required.

Additional Specimen Collection Information

Lithium heparin whole blood is the specimen of choice. Fresh
capillary whole blood from a fingerstick collection is also

Reference Values

≤ 0.5 mmol/L


Performed Monday through Sunday

Typically completed within 30 minutes after the specimen
arrives at the testing site.

Useful For

Monitoring therapy for diabetic ketoacidosis

Investigating the differential diagnosis of any patient
presenting to the emergency room with hypoglycemia, acidosis,
suspected alcohol ingestion, or an unexplained increase in the
anion gap

In pediatric patients, the presence or absence of ketonemia/uria
is an essential component in the differential diagnosis of inborn
errors of metabolism

Serum beta-hydroxybutyrate is a key parameter monitored during
controlled 24-hour fasts


LOINC Code Information

66441-7 Beta Hydroxybutyrate [Moles/Volume] In Blood By Test

CPT Code Information

82010 Chemistry: Ketone body(s) (eg, acetone, acetoacetic acid,
beta-hydroxybutyrate); quantitative