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Test Code SVREPC Vancomycin A Resistance Gene rPCR LAB2216

Important Note

Hydrocortisone cream (1% hydrocortisone) and PeptoBbismol (1-5% bismuth subsalicylate) may interfere with testing. Test results may also be affected by concurrent antibiotic therapy, or the number of organisms in the specimen may be below the limit of detection for the test. Mutations or polymorphisms in primer or probe binding regions may affect detection of new or unknown Van A variants resulting in a false negative result. This assay detects Van gene only, not microorganisms; therefore, Van A genes carried by non enterococci, such as Vancomycin-Resistant Staphylococcus aueus strains, may also give a positive result.

Test Method

Rapid Polymerase Chain Reaction (rPCR)


Testing is performed Monday-Sunday.

Routine: Typically completed within 4 hours after the specimen
arrives at the testing site.

STAT: Typically completed within 2 hours after the specimen
arrives at the testing site.

Useful For

Detection of vancomycin resistant bacteria from clincal

Specimen Requirement

Rectal swab collected using the Cepheid sample collection

CPT Code Information

87500 Detection of Infectious Agents by Probe Techniques;
Vancomycin resistance, amplified probe technique

Reference Values


LOINC Code Information

48814-8 Bacterial Vancomycin Resistance (vanA) Gene [Presence]
By Probe And Target Amplification Method

Additional Specimen Collection Information

Collect a rectal swab using the Cepheid sample collection
device. The specimen swabs are placed back in the plastic transport
tube. Label the tube with patient name and two identifers (patient
ID number, DOB, etc.) [include specimen source and date and time of
collection]. Transport to the laboratory as soons as possible
after collection. Specimens can be kept at room temperature for up
to 24 hours. Specimens are stable for 5 days when kept