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Test Code STLPCR Stool FilmArray PCR, LAB5043

Performing Laboratory

St. Luke's Hospital Cedar Rapids

Specimen Requirements

Stool specimen preserved in Cary Blair/C&S transport media.


Collection instructions:

1.  Collect fresh stool specimen and submit 1 gram or 5 mL into the transport medium.

2.  Place stool in preservative within 2 hours of collection

3.  Label transport medium and order in computer.

4.  Transport to laboratory, ambient or refrigerated, within 4 days.


Note: The detection of microbial DNA or RNA is dependent upon proper sample collection, handling, transportation, storage, and preparation.  There is a risk of false-negative results due to the presence of strains with sequence variability or genetic rearrangements in the target regions of the assays.


The test is not recommended as a test of cure.


Repeat testing should not be performed on samples collected less than 7 days apart.


The presence of blood or mucous in the sample may interfere with testing.

Reference Ranges

Negative (for all targets)


Day (s) Test Set Up

Monday thru Sunday; continuously.


Multiplex Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)


A negative result should not rule-out infection inpatients with a high pretest probability for gastrointestinal infection.  The assay does not test for all potential infectious agents of diarrheal disease.


Positive results do not distinguish between a viable/replicating organism and the presence of a nonviable organism or nucleic acid, nor do they exclude the potential for coinfection by organisms not contained within the panel.


NOTE: Positive C. difficile PCR tests will reflex to Toxin EIA.


Test Classification and CPT Coding

87507 - Gastrointestinal pathogen, includes multiplex amplified probe technique, multiple types or subtypes, 12-25 targets.

87324 - C. difficile Toxin EIA (if PCR is positive)

Analytic Time

1 hr, 10 min