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Test Code NEONAT Newborn Metabolic Screen LAB480


1 - 3 business days

Specimen Requirement

Specimen Type: Blood Spot
Collection Instructions:
  1. Check that the expiration date of the specimen card has not passed. Avoid touching the filter paper before or after blood collection.
  2. Warm the infant’s foot to help increase blood flow. Wipe infant’s heel with 70% isopropyl alcohol and allow heel to air dry.
  3. The puncture should be made within the shaded area as illustrated in the figure below. Any puncture device used should be selected so that the puncture does not exceed 2 mm in depth. A retractable incision device may provide improved blood flow by making a standard incision 1.0 mm deep by 2.5 mm long.
  4. Wipe away the first drop of blood with sterile gauze. Wait for formation of a large blood droplet and gently touch the filter paper card to the blood drop. Do not touch the filter paper to the heel.
  5. Fill each printed circle with a SINGLE application of blood. Do not layer successive drops of blood on the target spot. All circles should be completely filled.
  6. Allow blood specimen to air dry at room temperature in a horizontal position for at least three hours.

Call the laboratory at 515-725-1630 to obtain a copy of this document or to get assistance in collection of the newborn screen specimen.
Temperature and Stability: Submit specimen within 24 hours of collection.
Unacceptable Conditions: Blood exhibiting layering, clotting, insufficient quantity, dilution, contamination, serum separation, or didn't soak through.

Reference Values

Within normal limits

Useful For

Screening for certain genetic, endocrine, and metabolic disorders that can affect a child’s long-term health or survival. Early detection, diagnosis, and intervention can prevent death or disability and enable children to reach their full potential.

CPT Information

82261, 82776, 83020, 83498, 83516, 83789, 84443, 81479


Biochemical testing or nucleic acid amplification.