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Test Code FDP Fibrin Split Products (FSP) LAB761

Test Method

Latex Agglutination, Thrombo-Welco Test; Remel

Specimen Requirement

2 mL whole blood is required.

Additional Specimen Collection Information

Collect blood in a special vacuum tube provided in the
Thrombo-Welco Test kit. The tube will draw only 2 mL total volume.
Place the 2 ml Thrombo-Welco tube in a 37°C waterbath/incubator
for 30 to 60 minutes to ensure complete clotting. Centrifuge the
tube and transfer the serum to a glass tube until ready to test.
After clear serum has been collected, the sample may be
stored refrigerated for up to one week or frozen for a
longer periods of time.

Reference Values


Mean normal serum FDP is 4.9 ±
2.8 mcg/mL. FDP levels are calculated by a factor of 2 mcg/mL,
therefore, a 1:5 dilution corresponds with 10 mcg/mL and a 1:20
dilution corresponds with 40 mcg/mL. Normal or slightly elevated
samples will yield negative results in both dilutions.


Testing is performed Monday through Sunday.

Routine: Typically completed within 4 hours after the
speicmen arrives at the testing site

STAT: Typically completed within 1.5 hours after the specimen
arrives at the testing site

Useful For

Determine the amount of fragment proteins present in the blood
released when a clot and fibrin net dissolve, presence of excessive
amounts of FDP in the circulation can indicate a clotting

LOINC Code Information

29991-7 Fibrin+Fibrinogen Fragments [Mass/Volume] In Serum By
Latex Agglutination

CPT Code Information

85362 Coagulopathy Testing: Fibrin
degradation (split) products (FDP)(FSP), agglutination
slide, semiquantitative